[UPDATE] This article contains many relevant findings and conclusions, but represents the status as of September 2020 (with minor updates in November). Therefore, I decided to write a follow-up to recap the year 2020. You can find it here: On-Demand Ridepooling Market: 2020 Recap

On-Demand Ridepooling is one of the most promising mobility innovations of late, offering the long sought-after bridge between efficient mass transit and convenient individual mobility. Manifold pilot projects have been conducted in many cities and rural areas around the globe in the past three to four years. …

In September, I took an in-depth look at the current state of the On-Demand Ridepooling market which has seen impressive growth over the last 2–3 years. Given the article’s nature as snap-shot of the status in September, I decided to update some key statistics at the end of this extraordinary year, which has brought unprecedented challenges to the mobility market.

As I regard the key findings and conclusions drawn in my earlier article to be still correct, this article focuses on updated data to reflect On-Demand Ride-Pooling services that have been launched in Q3/Q4 2020 as well as subsequent additions…

Lukas Foljanty

Shared Mobility Enthusiast, Public Transit Geek, On-Demand Ridepooling Market Expert and Business Developer at MOIA.io

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